The Living Word Church of Niceville was founded in 1980 and has been devoted to God's calling of a worldwide teaching ministry, sending His Word out into the world free of charge and postage paid, never soliciting funds. Yet, God has always provided! To God be the glory!

In the early years, the most modern technology available was audio cassette tapes. This was the medium by which God's Word in lessons from topics ranging from Why Should Every Christian Pray For and Support Israel? to Love were sent all over the world, from North America to Africa to Europe to Asia.

Later, as cassette technology was becoming obsolete, God placed it onto the heart of our senior pastor, Norma Duncan, to write in book form a revised version of the 1982 taped lesson Why Should Every Christian Pray For and Support Israel? This revised work, which was published in 2000 and was five years in the making, has since done an even mightier work for God, informing Christians of our need to stand beside God's chosen people, the Jews, and the need to support them.

Currently, God has pushed us into a new venue by utilizing the vast resource of the Internet to distribute the Truth with which He has blessed us at the Living Word Church of Niceville. On this website, we are gradually placing Pastor Norma Duncan's written works, that cover a wide range of topics, so that all may have access to the Truth of God's Word.

So, keep checking back with us to see if a new lesson has been added. As always, these lessons are completely FREE! No email registration required! No strings attached! One may read them on one's computer or print them to read and mark with one's personal note taking. However, since these written works are copyrighted material, they must not be sold by any individual or organization, whether for profit or non-profit. Pastor Duncan was adamant that her works remain free of charge.

Please continue to pray for this ministry. Pray that God will continue to strengthen us and pour out His Word so that we may accomplish all that He desires us to do in teaching God's people His holy Word.